Regarding your travel destination, you can get exposed to various contagious diseases. The exposure always depends on the existence of communicable causes in the area you are visiting. The danger of being infected varies in regard to the intention of the tour and the program in the area, the average of accommodation, cleanliness and hygiene, and the manners of the traveler. In several cases infections can be averted through immunization but there are some including those that are most significant and most risky that lack vaccines.

General safety measures can to a great extent ease the threat of exposure to contagious causes and must always be extended to any place you go that has a significant possibility of exposure. We advice these safety measures ought to be taken in spite of administration of any vaccinations or medication. We are here to keep you informed on your health safety regarding various diseases found in different countries; so that whenever you make a trip to any destination you are well prepared.

Different diseases have different modes of transmission and a different corresponding general precaution that we feel is good you understand them.
Insects Transmitted Diseases: They are also referred to as Vector borne diseases. Mostly a number of severe diseases are spread through bite of infected insects and other vectors such as ticks, flies, lice, mosquitoes and fleas. As a result one can suffer from malaria, yellow fever, tick borne encephalitis and dengue. Generally one must protect him or herself from insect bites by using bed nets, proper clothing, applying insect repellent to clothes and skin as well as staying away from high risk conditions.

Food borne and water borne diseases

These are the most common causes of illness to many with diarrhea and vomiting being the common signs. They are as a result of eating of contaminated water and food. The can also be transmitted by bacteria, viruses or and parasites present in that area. Hepatitis, cholera, polio and typhoid fever are the diseases associated with food and water. You can reduce the risks of being hygienically cautious with all the drinks, food and water you consume and also escaping direct contact with contaminated leisure waters.

Sexually transmitted diseases

These diseases are passed on through unprotected sexual intercourse. Some of the diseases include hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS and syphilis. You can prevent the danger of infection by avoiding careless and unprotected sexual contact, use of condoms; avoid unscreened blood transfusion and sharing of equipments such as needles and blades to be on the safe side.

Airborne diseases

These are transmitted through sprays and drop lets from the mouth and nose. Some of the airborne diseases include influenza, tuberculosis and meningococcal. You can prevent the transmission by avoiding getting into close contact with the infected people and in crowded areas.
Blood borne diseases: Their transmission is as a result if direct contact of body fluids or blood from infected people. They include HIV/AIDS, malaria and hepatitis B and C. The only way you can reduce the chances of being infected is by evading the direct contact of blood and body fluids, avoid use of contaminated syringes and needles in ways that they penetrate to your skin and also transfusion of unsafe or unscreened blood.
Soil transmitted diseases: They include those caused by inactive appearances like spores of infectious agents that can led to infection in case of contact with damaged skin such as cuts or scratches. This can be prevented or reduced by avoiding get In contact with soil in areas where these diseases are likely to arise. They include anthrax and tetanus.

These are some the diseases you need to be aware of and their preventive measures to be on the safe side. You are advice to carry all the preventive measures wherever you go. You are free to contact us in case of any question or leave comment below on how useful this information has been to you.

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